In as much as it is good to whiten teeth artificially by visiting dentists, I want to assure you that there are better ways to achieve that which is whitening it naturally. We are going to measure in 6 ways just for this article. Probably, finance is the major challenge why you have not taken the step of whitening your teeth because you cannot afford the price for the kit; I want to let you know that these methods we want to discuss will benefit you more. Just relax and read through.

Teeth are the first contact people notice whenever you speak and interact with them, so there is no way we can eliminate the fact that it is very important to keep it sparkling all the time. The hurting truth is that some people had brushed as much as they can but still have the yellowish brown stains, and as a result had given up. We want to assure you that there is still hope and that is going through the process naturally. One thing is for teeth to be whitened, another is for it to be healthy. Good looking, white, sparkling teeth is not a guarantee that the teeth are healthy. The steps we are treating in this article is a guarantee for both teeth whitening and healthy teeth.

What Actually Is The Cause Of Yellow Teeth

This occurs as a result of stains on two important places on the teeth – the surface and the teeth structure. The stains come when we eat and don’t brush very well to remove the after effects of the food; it continues settling there until it forms plaques. Age too contributes to teeth changing color; as one age, the color of the teeth seize to be as white as before. There are still other causes like eating some foods that contribute to yellowish teeth; foods that are high in acid. Smoking cigarette and drinking coffee are still other causes.

Below are the 6 ways through which you can naturally whiten your teeth:

1. After Drinking or Eating, Make Sure You Brush

This is the best way, even though it might be difficult because it means you brushing any moment you finish eating or drinking something. Some people might find it difficult because where you are might not be convenient for you to start brushing. For instance, after eating the food they serve everyone in the church or event, to start brushing there might be a bit difficult. If you are such a person that cannot avoid taking teeth staining drink, try and take it through a straw and minimize how often you take it, through this, you will be able to reduce how often your teeth are stained.

2. Always Keep Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide At Home

If there is any product you need to always have at home if you want your teeth to remain white, it is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide fights against bacterial to keep the mouth clean and germ-free. So when you use it, germ will not have any place to stay in the mouth and it also helps to rinse the mouth. It acts as a natural antiseptic. It also gives natural protection from gum diseases.  For a better result, mix a little amount of hydrogen peroxide with a small quantity of baking soda and it will form a paste that will help to remove plaque from the teeth even as it keeps the teeth free from germs.

3. Use Of Coconut Oil

When you talk about coconut oil, the only thing people know about it is cooking coconut rice or using it as a lotion to make the body smooth. But there is more to it than that. Coconut oil can work as a teeth whitener. To achieve this, you can apply coconut oil to your teeth after brushing. You can as well measure a spoonful of it and put inside your mouth, then rustle it for about 20 minutes and pour out. You can as well add it to your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. Better still, clean cloth can be used to dab it to your teeth. It contains an agent that fights microorganism and also clean the gum. The use of coconut oil is very good and has no side effect.

4. Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar

This has the acronym of ACV. ACV works as a very good antibiotic and gum cleanser. It also removes stubborn stains from teeth. It is a very good solution for teeth stained with coffee and cigarette. ACV contains acid naturally which helps to remove plaque and other substances that stuck on the teeth. The major components are acetic acid, potassium, magnesium and other important enzymes. It works on the teeth and naturally makes the teeth whiter. How to get the best result with ACV is to be doing it consistently for a month. You also need to be careful in using it so that it will not remove the enamel of the teeth because of how acidic it is. Don't brush the teeth too hard with it and ensure you rinse your mouth very well with water after using it. To achieve a better result, brush your teeth normally first before you start using baking soda.

5. Make Use Of Peels Of Lemon Or Orange

Just like ACV, lemon and orange peels are very good teeth whitener. They are also high in acidic content. It works the same way as ACV so precaution needs to be taken so that teeth enamel will not wear out. Also make sure you rinse the mouth very well after using it, just like you do while using ACV. For more information please, visit start getting a pearly smile. As you use it, make sure that you mix enough quantity of hydrogen peroxide so that the baking soda will not scrub off the enamel of your teeth off. This is because it is a rough substance. After making the paste, rub it on your teeth and allow it stay for more than 25 seconds, approximately 30 seconds then rinse very well, not leaving a trace. Then use a mirror to check the result, you can see that it is not as when you first brushed without it.

6. Eat More Healthy Foods And Strawberries
Good diet promote good teeth. Concentrate more on foods that make your teeth healthy. There are a lot of foods that add to the strength and health of our food and such food include raw milk, yogurt, leafy green veggies, mushrooms, pears, sweet potatoes and a host of others. When you feed more on these foods, your teeth will tell the result. You mix it with water and gargle your mouth with it for about a minute and rinse it.

7. Use Of Grinded Charcoal

Grounded charcoal is another wonderful natural process of whitening teeth. This works by damping your toothbrush and dipping it into the charcoal and using it to brush your teeth. When this is done three times a week, it gives clear white teeth. Remember to swish your mouth with enough water after each use.